Destination – PĀPĀMOA BEACH

Destination – PĀPĀMOA BEACH

The suburb of Pāpāmoa is the fastest growing in the Tauranga region - and why wouldn’t it be? It’s blessed with 16km of uncrowded pristine beaches, shopping and dining options to rival it’s nearby, more popular neighbours, and walking tracks that provide some of the best views in the Coastal Bay of Plenty.

Start your day with a walk along the beach to watch the sunrise - the views from Pāpāmoa Beach are uninterrupted and worth the early rise! There’s plenty of top-quality coffee and brunch spots dotted throughout the area so you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’re after a little retail therapy, check out Pāpāmoa Plaza and Fashion Island located a few blocks back from the beach; here you’ll find a great range of shops, restaurants and bars, as well as a supermarket and pharmacy.

For the outdoor lovers, take a drive to the base of the Pāpāmoa Hills Regional Park (Te Rae-o-Pāpāmoa) and walk to the summit. There’s a range of different trails, however the main and most well-known track will take you right to the top where you’ll be treated to 360° views of the wider Bay of Plenty.

The Pāpāmoa Hills was once an elaborate system of Māori pā sites (fortified settlements), some of which are still visible today - look out for the terracing on several of the sites as you wind your way up the hill.

For a small window of time in the lead up to Christmas, you can pick your own boysenberries from an orchard at the base of the Pāpāmoa Hills - not to be missed while you’re visiting the fruit bowl of New Zealand!

Eco-conscious locals lovingly work to keep our beaches and communities clean so you can enjoy them at their best. Do your bit while visiting the Coastal Bay of Plenty by making sure you leave it as you found it.

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